> Wedding - Melanie & Abed 4-22-05


On April 22, 2005 the SS Princess departed from the Nautical Mile off Long Island's South Shore. Friends and Family gathered to celebrate Melanie and Abed's Wedding. The two were marriend at the Aboretum earlier that day. Everyone had an amazing time despite the frigid weather. The boat was fantastic with three levels of dining and refreshments with a full bar and staff on each floor. These two really know how to throw a party. We laughed when the best man gave his "Golden" toast. We cried when Melanie and her dad, Mr. Tormey danced. We caught up with old friends and had oppurtunity to meet new ones as well. As they saying goes, a little drizzle on a wedding day is a sure sign that there are showers of wealth in this couple's future.