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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Mike Bloomberg's Creative Campaigning

Mike Bloomberg is certainly getting creative. I got a spam from his campaign initiative and I had to check out what was going on. He has a site which allows individuals access to campaign initiatives such as voter registration sign ups, campaign parties, and conference calls.
There is a full calendar with links to upcoming events. You can register to host a Bloomberg party just email parties@mikebloomberg.com.

The Points System

There is a whole points system set up. You get points for doing certain things and as you rack up points you get invited to certain campaign events. Is this selling out who knows. But it is certainly a creative way to get some help with your campaign. You get 2 points for signing up a friend. 134 points for attending a voter registration event. There is a whole list of point value.

It almost seems like a very grass roots very un republican way to get things done. Now whether or not you agree with the Republican platform, you can not disagree that these guys are not organized when it comes to running campaigns and getting elected. This is a a perfect example of that. He is running the show as if he were doing a new product launch, not a campaign. He holds big schmoozing campaign launch parties similar to those held when a new tech start up launches a new product. He is developing an image to reach out to new voter bases similar to the way a company redesigns its image to attract a new customer base of those that normally wouldn't use their product. It seems that this is he kind of vehicle the democrats should be using to gain votes and party participation. The site provides large reach to the masses, while increasing participation, and building a strong community and following. It gets the story out to  anyone willing to listen at a very marginal cost.


Bloomberg is also creating niche groups to cater to specific voter bases.

Women For Bloomberg

That's right Bloomberg is recruiting women over to his party platform. A smart move considering many women do not agree with many of the Republican views on abortion etc. etc. So it makes sense that he would start a group to recruit these voters.

Democrats for Bloomberg
In an ultimate campaign strategy what could be better than getting the opposing side to join your team. Claire Schulman borough president of Queens is heading this initiative. Should they be ashamed. Who knows? Bloomberg claims to have once been a registered democrat on his site.

Well Bloomberg was a creative thought leader in business and his persona and strategic planning is carried through to his political career. It will be an interesting race.


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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Chicago To Tap Muni Market Through Direct Internet Sale

That's right the city of Chicago is selling Muni Bonds directly to investors through the Internet. The bonds will be sold in smaller lots of 1000 making them more widely available to a broader base of investors. Usually muni bonds are packaged in larger lots of 5000. Their tax benefits made them attractive to high net worth individuals, but now maybe some of the rest of us will enjoy tax free investments. I wonder how brokers will compete with the new technology.

Chicago will sell up to $150 million in securities earmarked for general city projects through the Internet. The bonds will be sold in a range of maturities, with a $1,000 minimum, over a two- to three-month period starting Sept. 21

Return and coupon on interest payments from muni bonds are exempt from federal tax and also state and local taxes if the investor lives in the city and state that the bonds are issued in. So if I live in New York City and I buy an MTA bond, as an investor I can collect interest on my investment without worrying about uncle SAM taking out a cut.

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Can the Stock Market Boom Without Cooling Real Estate - Merger and Divestiture Craze

What is it with all the Mergers lately? Ebay buys skype. Ford sells off Hertz. Gillette gets eaten by P&G. Is this a sign of an economic recovery. Maybe its too early to tell.

On the Housing Market

Whats fueling real estate? How bout that 250k tax free gain on property if the property is your primary residence of more than two years if you file alone or 500k if you file jointly. Then there is the no taxes on gains for properties that are sold and flipped with the proceeds being moved into similar investments.

Can the stock market rebound without housing prices tanking. Only time will tell.

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YHOO Ranks Me # 1 and Google Ranks Vertigo 2

Her are the rankings. Most can not deny that they have not googl'd and/or yahoo'd themselves. I made first return.


Vertigo only made #2. This just means room for growth and that Vertigo has not topped out.

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Soul Searching

I have been doing a lot of purging lately and not a lot of blogging. I had a garage sale and parted somehow with most of the things I never use. My old palm pilot. My old lap top. My old bags, clothes, TVs, VCRS, old computer speakers. I  got new things and I didn't have any use for my old things. I made quite a bit of money over $150 in under two hours of selling. Then I packed everything up and moved on.

It makes me sad to think of all the things I had to get rid of. I rummaged through old clothes I wore in college. An old desk chair. Old Books. Candles. etc etc. I sold it all. I was almost saying good bye to my youth and hello to the next stage in my life.

This was a week before Katrina blew into town. I am purging my life consciously, These people are having their lives purged by disaster and mishap. It makes me think of how fortunate and lucky I am. It also reminds me of how much fate plays such a large part in our lives. We work hard, and play hard, and love. We are constantly, or at least I am, doing, and going, working and loving. We think we are in control and our lives are stable. We are walking through a life we feel we have a lot of control over. Then one day something tragic happens, a pet runs away, a loved one is lost, a job is lost, disaster strikes, someone you know is diagnosed with breast cancer, falls out of love with you. And there you are amidst chaos soul searching.

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Monday, September 05, 2005

Site Under Construction...

Please pardon the site while I make some updates. The changes won't be that dramatic, but I am tweaking and cleaning my html. I'll send updates as the changes are completed.

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