Thursday, November 10, 2005

Fordham Security Crime Blotters

Yes. These were so funny. I remember reading these when I was at Fordham in the Ram and now the Observer at Lincoln center has brough them online. Here is a sample from the site:

CRIME BLOTTER: Campus Security Files

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Fri., Oct. 21

-An associate professor reported to security that his iPpod and docking station (estimated value to be $400) were missing from his office on the 8th floor, McEntee said. The professor reportedly locked his door on Oct. 18, and the items were missing when he returned to campus on Oct. 21.

Wed., Oct. 26

-At 11 a.m., a former banned student arrived on the LC campus and said he had an appointment with the Admissions Office, McEntee said. The student was found on the 3rd floor and was escorted off campus.

-A faculty member on the 4th floor reported to security that some political stickers on his office door were defaced, according to McEntee. Security said that some of the stickers were anti-Bush and pro-Nader.

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Photos from Travels Abroad

For those of you who know these chaps, here are some photos of the places they have been traveling to. Click on the photos to link to the entire album. 

me on the hauptstrasse

justin in darmstadt

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Monday, June 06, 2005

My Softball Rankings

Some of you might have heard that I am in a softball league with Fordham as part of the NY Metro Sports league. Here are the rankings if anyone cares. 

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Friday, June 03, 2005

The Witchs Brew - A Most Unusual Coffee Loungue

Rachel came to visit and after a long night of partying we had to stop off at the Witch's Brew for a pick me up. Its a cute little coffee shop run by two women from California. They have a great story. They inherited their grandmother's house and turned it into an independent coffee shop like no other. It has become a local hang out for teens who are too young to get into bars, but it still maintains a faithful  java slugging caffeine craving adult crowd. There was a little girl there with her parents who questioned "Mommie, are there witches upstairs". What was I thinking, "No sweetie, just good coffee."


Interesting story, we once got kicked out of this fine place because a waitress upset Caroline and that caused a frenzy amongst the group we were with. I have known that girl for a while now, though not well and I have never seen her madder than that time at the brew.

More pics that tell a better story about the place than I could ever write. Oh and by the way, this is located in Hempstead Long Island if you so dare to venture there for a visit.



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Friday, May 06, 2005

Lehman Takes Fordham to the NYSE


Lehman and Fordham's Career Planning and Placement joined resources to organize a trip to the New York Stock Exchange. Jim and Rob from Lehman Brothers led two small groups through the halls of the NYSE on Broad Street. The group met with many traders, specialists, and a floor monitor, walking through the entire exchange from the Garage, to the Main Room, through the Blue Room (where ETFS like SPDRs, Diamonds, and the QQQ are traded) all the way back to the 30 Broad Street building. The pace was fast furious, but the students asked great questions and learned a lot.



For Fun Facts about the NYSE and to view more pictures visit the "Lehman Takes Fordham to the NYSE" album. Click here to visit the NYSE page and hear the closing bell when you click on the picture. Click Here to visit the Fordham site.

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Speaking at Fordham - A commitment to stepping it up


In an attempt to take a more active role in my endeavors I am trying to "step it up".  I finally made a suggestion to organize an informal mentor panel for the program and naturally was invited to speak. The idea very easily came to fruition at Fordham's Lincoln Center Campus with a panel of seven mentors. There was a great turnout, with at least 50 students and other mentors showing up. I was equally impressed by both by the students' motivations and by my fellow mentors' experiences.

A friend of mine started the program and with a lot of administration nudging, finally got the idea off the ground last year. This is my second year doing the Fordham Young Alumni Mentor Program (FYAMP). It is a fairly simple yet extremely effective concept where recent Young Alumni across different career paths are partnered with Fordham students across various disciplines to provide career and life guidance and advice.  Mentors agree to a one year commitment and there are no strict/silly deadlines or requirements about meeting. At the beginning of the program there is a meet and greet, and Alumni and student pairs sign a contract setting up the details about contact frequency and form. The students leverage off of the experiences of alumni while the benefits are exponential.

I have to say both of my mentees have been extremely motivated and I have been very happy with them and how the program is run. There are three key points about the program in my mind that allow it to operate so well.

  1. Flexibility - There are no limitations as to what forms of mentoring you can provide to the students. For example, a few weeks back I arranged a visit to the trading floor and an opportunity to speak with some traders and ask questions for my mentee. Also, career planning who organizes the logistics of the program is extremely open to suggestions and quick to implement them.
  2. The Contract - Because Students and Alumni set up their own guidelines for meeting individually both parties can more easily time manage and set up realistic time commitments. Every pair has a custom experience that best suits their needs, interests and schedules.
  3. Wide Scope - The program is not designed to help one discipline over another. It is not the Young Alumni Mentor Program for Business Majors or Psychology majors. What does that imply? Who cares? This is a key point because it means that students are the ones that decide what their interests are. The program does its bests to align student goals with current participating Mentors. It is open to all majors, and no one is closed out. Alumni benefit from this as well, having the ability to network across industries. This is great, because "I" working in Finance may not have the opportunity to tap into resources within say Media, Law, or Health care Industries as frequently, but now I can have a "go to" contact when I have questions or need information.

Everyone involved with this is really doing an amazing job, and I hope that 50 years from now individuals are still benefiting from the program. "Stepping it up" is easier than I thought. I hope I will continue to spark more ideas/events instead of merely being a participant. (Though there is something to be said for that as well). (Pic borrowed from This is going to be big, because I forgot my digital and my phone has no camera - I am so behind here)

A Picture Share!

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