Sunday, October 30, 2005

The History of Daylight Savings Time

Where did this phenomena start anyhow? I am just excited that I got an extra hour of sleep today!

Idea of Daylight Saving Time

The idea of daylight saving was first conceived by Benjamin Franklin (portrait at right) during his sojourn as an American delegate in Paris in 1784, in an essay, "An Economical Project." Read more about Franklin's essay.

Some of Franklin's friends, inventors of a new kind of oil lamp, were so taken by the scheme that they continued corresponding with Franklin even after he returned to America.


The idea was first advocated seriously by London builder William Willett (1857-1915) in the pamphlet, "Waste of Daylight" (1907), that proposed advancing clocks 20 minutes on each of four Sundays in April, and retarding them by the same amount on four Sundays in September. As he was taking an early morning a ride through Petts Wood, near Croydon, Willett was struck by the fact that the blinds of nearby houses were closed, even though the sun was fully risen. When questioned as to why he didn't simply get up an hour earlier, Willett replied with typical British humor, "What?" In his pamphlet "The Waste of Daylight" he wrote:

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Another Natural Disaster - Photos from Pakistan

The human spirit seems to constantly get beaten down only to rise up above the rubble. The tsunami, Hurricane  Katrina. What else will mother nature throw at us? And who decides who escapes her wrath, or is it just bad timing for her victims?

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