Friday, November 11, 2005

Go Walking - GMAP Pedometer

I found  a great little api for google maps. Its a way to chart your journey and export it as a GPX to integrate it with your nav system. I must say I love Web2.0. Why is it cool? You can get a nice map charted between locations using Google Maps. I found this bad boy reading the Gothamist,
a nice Community Blog for Manhattanites that want to be in the know. There I stumbled upon
Up Your, "a weblog about a 16-city, 4 week treasure hunt for cash prizes". I expected to find financial wisdom there but instead was greeted with an Real Time Inter City Scavenger Hunt. And that is where I found the google map made using GMAP Pedometer.

Got Questions on the map: 
Read the FAQ
Useage Instructions

Just Cause: I am not sure why I love this song right now, but here it is anyway.
Download kanye_west_jesus_walks_with_me_jarhead_soundtrack.mp3

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Photos from Travels Abroad

For those of you who know these chaps, here are some photos of the places they have been traveling to. Click on the photos to link to the entire album. 

me on the hauptstrasse

justin in darmstadt

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Get Hop STop Directions from Your Cell 4 Free

Hop stop is now offering a service to send directions requests right to your cell phone. Its a free service. All you to do is just preregister on the site. It really fills a gap in service that isn't being provided. Sure Google and Yahoo! have fancy map services. And map quest is great for getting driving directions. But what about those people that are traveling by Public Transportation around Manhattan. This service fills that Gap. Its been around for a long time and its quite good, but it still amazed me how many people have never even heard of it.

For Those of you that don't know...

Hop stop is a service that provides directions for all boroughs in New York City by train, bus, and walking. It gives you detailed information about even which subway stops you will pass. The service is free and includes a few nice features:

  • You can get directions from an intersection to an Address
  • You can get locations of the nearby subway stations
  • You can set parameters to get directions by subway, bus, subway with more walking/less transfers, or subway with more transfers/less walking
  • You can search "from a popular place" even if you don't know the full address

All you have to do is register and then follow these directions:

   How to use Hopstop Mobile service
Send a message from your registered cell phone or email account to

  •   For Subway Directions
    Send us: Two Addresses separated by the word: to
    For example:
    60 Wall st to Penn Station
    Pastis to Broadway and wall
    Grand army plaza Brooklyn to 420 E72nd st

  • For closest subway stations
    Send us: an Address
    For example:
    60 Wall st
    The Met
    420 E72nd st

    Borough is not needed if address is in Manhattan
    Address can be Building address, Intersection or Popular place
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    Thursday, June 16, 2005

    Around the World in 365 Days

    I don't know how I found this site. Its about a woman who spent a year traveling around South America. The photo albums are awesome. Its on this interesting travel blog site, Travel Blog.

    I like the site because you can post an entry with a photo album and it maps out your trip and includes a little flag of the country you are posting about. Its a great way to keep friends informed of what you are up to while away. And you can post each day about what you did, so you won't forget about it.

    Its truly a whole sub culture of travelers. I think Gavin should start one of these. He has been everywhere and its the only way anyone would be able to keep up with him. What do you say Gav?

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    Tuesday, June 14, 2005

    Skype Me - Stay in Touch With Loved Ones Abroad

    Skype is a way to use your high speed connection and a headset to Skype_phonemake free calls across the Internet. I downloaded the software, but apparently its very easy to use, so for anyone abroad I would consider trying to exploit this technology. It can save you tons of money and keep you in contact with old buds. You can get lots of cool accessories to use the service, even a cordless phone that doubles as a land line phone.

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    Friday, June 03, 2005

    The Witchs Brew - A Most Unusual Coffee Loungue

    Rachel came to visit and after a long night of partying we had to stop off at the Witch's Brew for a pick me up. Its a cute little coffee shop run by two women from California. They have a great story. They inherited their grandmother's house and turned it into an independent coffee shop like no other. It has become a local hang out for teens who are too young to get into bars, but it still maintains a faithful  java slugging caffeine craving adult crowd. There was a little girl there with her parents who questioned "Mommie, are there witches upstairs". What was I thinking, "No sweetie, just good coffee."


    Interesting story, we once got kicked out of this fine place because a waitress upset Caroline and that caused a frenzy amongst the group we were with. I have known that girl for a while now, though not well and I have never seen her madder than that time at the brew.

    More pics that tell a better story about the place than I could ever write. Oh and by the way, this is located in Hempstead Long Island if you so dare to venture there for a visit.



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    Sunday, May 29, 2005

    Memorial Day Weekend at Sunken Forest

    This past memorial day I went up to Sunken Forest with Ronda and we had a blast. P5290347_1 We did about 3 miles or so of hiking along the paths and then along the beach. We had a great time. It was our first time there but we definitely plan to go back. If you take a ferry to Sailors Haven, you will find long endless beaches with few people on them. The area has public restrooms, showers, and fresh water spickets. Its a national park and well preserved. That combined with the fact that P5290345_1 you can't drive to this place keeps away many of the scary beach dwellers that you might normally encounter at some of the other public beaches. There will be no blanket to blanket sea of bathers here any time soon.P5290346  Here are some of the well protected sand dunes pictured above. On the right is a helipad landing.


    Here is the beautiful Great South Bay.      

    More boats in the bay.          


    P5290349Ronda taking a cool refreshing break after all the hiking.

    P5290351By far, this is my most favorite captured image of the day. You can see the most amazing sunsets from anywhere on the west side of the island.

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    Tuesday, May 17, 2005

    Mercedes Expo - Test Drive the 2006 M Class 4 Free

    Test Drive a Mercedes Benz for free @ upcoming Mercedes M-Class Expo now to July. Get Behind the wheel and navigate through a course designed to showcase the outstanding capabilities of the all-new 2006 M-Class before anyone else gets a chance. Go to the site to register @ the Road Rally event nearest you by clicking on locations. Here is a invitation number you can use: X191976

    More than just an event to stir your driving passion —

    • Treat your eyes and ears to the latest in home entertainment systems

    • Enjoy the comfort of exclusive home furnishings

    • Pamper yourself with health and beauty products

    These events are great. But register early as they fill up quick. They are held in New York, California, and a few other places. Check the site to see if this is coming near you. I registered for a test drive on June 18 for a 4:00 drive if anyone wants to join me let me know.

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    Saturday, April 23, 2005

    Web Books, Story Blogs, and Memory Maps

    Here are two interesting ideas for web design and photo design that I had never considered.

    1. Web Books

      Most sites are designed to present information like billboards top 100 singles charts or they can provide a service like Google's search engine. The exception to that would be the photo blog, like quarlo or chromasia, which uses the web as a makeshift gallery for the masses and other web blogs on line communities. Yet, I just ran into another great site design for displaying creative literary based mixed media works on line. These sites offer a simple design in a story board format with link structures that turn web sites into books. I will call these web books. Disposable Lives is a web book by Alex Mossie where the writer reflects on how different people have called her different names at different points in her life. Its a clean simple web design. It is almost an anti web page. The only links on the site are to a page which continue the story. It allows individuals to map out their site guiding surfers through links in a specific order without distractions from other links .  If the story is poignant enough readers will continue on, but its hard to say if they won't be bored with the content to just navigate away from the site anyway. There are even story blogs where you can submit little excerpts instead of just posting commentary in response to a blog entry.

      1. Memory Maps
    2. Its simple to do but an ingenious idea. Go to Google maps grab a photo fom any  location save the image to flicker and right click on the add notes icon on the top right with commentary highlighting some of your favorite or memorable locales. Save these files with a "memorymap" tag and check out what other people have come up with


      Google Link -
      Flicker link with "Interactive Image" - Drag your cursor over the photo to read the comments.

      My childhood on one Google map.

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    Tuesday, April 12, 2005

    Take a Virtual Trip...

    Go sight seeing without ever leaving home. This is a great procrastination tool. You can even submit your own fav locations.

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