Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Cast Post Moveover

Forget blogging. Start posting short videos of your life and share them.
Frankly, and I say this a lot I am not that organized.

Tube TV - Online Video Blogs - For Life Unscripted

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Type Pad Whats Up with that Mena

Why can't they create  a blog server that has this drag and drop feature. So I can have different modules and text and drag the modules around to set up my template, instead of fiddling with the code. I could drag my profile up or down. I could move my comments up to the top when I have more comment traffic, or when I get a neat new module going I could just drag it to the top instead of going in and editing the script manually. Its nice to see how it works, but once you have it, you just want it to work. We will get there one Day.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Bye Bye Checks

Internet week,  a blog about business, technology, and the net,  makes a great point about check writing. No one does it any more. I know I hate it. I pay most things with automatic bill pay features on most of my accounts. Its so much easier than getting a crampy hand once a month writing checks out for monthly services. Here's what they had to say:

"The days of writing checks to pay bills are nearly over. For the first time since MasterCard International started tracking such things, the number of U.S. households paying recurring bills automatically through credit and debit cards surpassed those who wrote checks.

Although it wasn't included in the study, the number of consumers using on line banking to pay bills is also growing. That's surprising, given recent studies showing consumers increasingly concerned with having their personal information stolen on the Web.

But the fact is people, at least according to a Consumer Reports WebWatch   study, are not worried as much about using their banks' services.

The study found that banking sites were trusted by nearly 7 in 10 Web users. In addition, more than half of on line users trust sites where one can set up automatic payment of bills."

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Where does Your Eye Travel on a Web Page

Eyetrack III has a great post about a study of real people and how their eyes travel over web pages. Its something to think about. I don't quite believe it though. Here is a graphic of common browsing paths according to their analysis.

Frankly though I don't think it applies to everyone. I look at the WSJ everyday and what is the first article I look at everyday? Without fail, I read the article in the top right. No mater what, it always seems to contain the most apropos topic for the morning. Is it a coincidence. I think not. Will I change my layout after seeing the study? Hell no. I change my blog for no one.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Windows MCE

Is it worth it, At this point I am not sure. There is no upgrade from Windows XP to MCE. Paul Thurrott has a nice write up on the product. Its an interesting OS for a few reasons.


1) It has simple front end menus to navigate through your digital media, recorded TV, DVDs, and music.
2) It still functions just like the old Windows (you can still use any windows software on it)
3) It has a nice universal remote
4) its easy to use out of the box (If i get the XP edition I have to purchase and install a remote, pvr software etc.

There are some cons though:

1) The big problem is moving all your files from an XP system to a MCE Home system. (if you have a home network set up, this isn't that big an issue
2) I am not sure if at this point if it does more than a well equipped windows xp does. If you already have a TV Tuner for your PC and a PVR and have installed a remote it really isn't that much more powerful.

It seems MCE is good for one type of consumer, the kind that does not own a PC yet, or the kind that does not have a PC set up with all the media bells and whistles that are in demand today.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

New Home Theatre Rocks

Probably one of my worst qualities, and you can ask anyone that  knows or works with me, is that I am a bragger, and they would definitely attest to this truth.  But I also am committed to getting the story out about great technology that enhances our lives and makes them simpler.

My home theater is currently composed of:   


  • Audio/Video Digital Receiver & DVD/Surround Sound (600 Watts): LG DVT418 Lgdvt418
  • PS2
  • VCR (For Nostalgia): Panasonic
  • io Digital Cable/Cable Modem: DHG-M55CV

Future Upgrades

I definitely see Windows MCE and a $500 or so wireless surround sound upgrade coming. The wireless speakers are easier to install, but can run you a few hundred bucks more. Also, these set ups usually only have wireless rear speakers. For two less wires the premium isn't worth it. Most of these models have not hit retail stores yet, so it seems like you can only get some of them on line. I'll wait til they have a system that has one wire, an electrical cord. They also have products that can transform your current high end wired speakers into wireless speakers like the

Firebird Sounds FREENIX BS Series


Why didn't I get the upgrades. I anticipate this technology will improve. The wireless speaker systems are just coming to market and this is the first release of Windows MCE. I have already hooked up my PC to my home theater and do have wireless peripherals, so I can control my pc from my couch.  You will also want to invest in remote for your PC as well. Because with this set up you will want to surf the web fro the couch. Its also nice to control your mp3 and CD collection from across the room.

Home Theater Blogs

If you need to do some preliminary research there are also blogs with tons of product info. like "Big Home Theater Guide"

What I still need/want

  1. I still want to get a nice universal remote. I haven't had much luck with this one, because every time I purchase something it somehow doesn't have the code for all the components despite its being dubbed a universal remote.  One I haven't tried is the Harmony Universal. I haven't tried it because I can't bear to have to return it after finding out it doesn't work. Its a very steeply priced ($350) web programmable remote. It should work for the system I have, but I am a pessimist.
  2. Also, I want some sort of PVR. Perhaps something like the ATI TV Wonder to record TV.  This is easy to install through a USB port and come with an RF (Radio Frequency) Remote which means you can control it from a other rooms in the house.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Can we get a Type Pad for Word

Dave Winer posted about a blogger for word tool that allows you to write posts on Word and then edit and publish them through the program.

"Blogger for Word: "Use Blogger right within Microsoft Word." "

Can we get something like this for Typepad?

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Vox Delicii

I guess the literal translation of this, given that I am the Latin scholar that I am, would be, the voice of delicious. This is a nice service that aggregates data from delicious to monitor the degree of popularity of a link and its movement over time. It tracks pages that are growing in hits and those where the hype is dying down. Its a nice site because it give a great visual by color. Green its growing, red page view are decreasing. Vox_delicii_1

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Friday, July 29, 2005

ScreenCast Download

Camtasia has a nice screencast app download.  For those of you that don't know what a screencast is, its a  recording of everything that happens on your monitor. If a screen shot were a picture, screencasts woule be video. You can get a how to on screen casts here.
Here are a list of some popular ones from Wikipedia:

Screencast software

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Make Naughty Google Earth Movies

By Now most of you have probably encountered the hype about Google Earth.
For those of you that haven't seen the new Google Earth software you have to check it out.  This is a great post on how to record some of your recent stunning Google Earth search strings of tours from place to place for free without upgrading to the pro version. I was thinking you can use a screen capture software app, but Random Access has a better solution.

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